Working people in Massachusetts deserve stronger protections.

MA isn't as strong on workers' rights as you might expect.

Out of control Wage Theft

Wage Theft is a huge problem in our country, outweighing all other types of theft by a wide margin. It's easy for bosses to withhold pay unfairly, and hard for workers to get restitution.

Fair Scheduling

Retail and shift workers can be forced into shifts with late notice, or forced to close one night and open the next morning, causing many workers who may have children or other obligations to choose between their unpredictable schedules and the rest of their lives. Mandating some regularity and advance notice for shifts can make these jobs more accessible to parents with children, workers who are taking care of a sick family member, students, and others for who an unpredictable work schedule would cause instability.

bills to support Workers' rights

Fair Scheduling

  • Requires employers to give employees at least 14 days' notice of schedules and allows employees to rest between shifts

  • Allows employees to collect unemployment benefits if their employer’s failure to comply with the bill results in the employee leaving the job

  • Requires employers to pay out predictability pay if the details of their employees' shift are changed after the 14 day period ends

Stop Wage Theft

  • Protects workers from common wage theft violations such as failure to pay wages, failure to pay at least the minimum wage, and failure to abide by overtime laws

  • Protects workers from independent contractor misclassification, ensuring workers are able to receive the benefits they are entitled to

  • Protects workers against retaliation from their employer for reporting violations, and increases the power of the Attorney General's office to enforce wage theft laws

Right to Strike

  • Abolishes the prohibition on public employees striking (including teachers)

common questions:

Is wage theft really a problem?

Yes. Wage theft, which is money employers are obligated on paper to pay their workers but haven't, is the largest form of theft in this country, and steals more from American workers annually than all reported robberies combined.

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