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Increasing Transparency

Massachusetts has a tremendous amount of power to set our own policies at the State Level. But on issue after issue, from properly funding our public schools, to fighting climate change, to tackling the housing crisis or defending immigrants against ICE, this state doesn’t lead.

You might think that’s the fault of Charlie Baker or voters who aren’t progressive, but you’d be wrong.

Extremely popular progressive policies die in our legislature year after year, and the system is so confusing and complicated that voters usually can’t influence that process – although 79% of the seats are held by Democrats, more than enough to overcome any veto.

A serious lack of transparency on Beacon Hill means you usually don’t know how your representatives voted . It means you can go to a hearing to support legislation but then watch helplessly while the committee kills that bill without any reason given. If you ask your representatives why action wasn’t taken, you’ll usually get a long and complicated answer about backroom deals and “how the game is played”

But this isn’t a game, this is our government.

Act on Mass will break down what’s happening in clear, easy-to-understand terms and give you the information you need to engage meaningful in state government.

State government might technically be “public” but that’s only if you can take the time off from work to attend hearings in Boston. Some committee votes are “public” but that’s only if you have the time to go to Boston and request a copy of the vote during business hours.

Act on Mass will track this information down and publish it. The voters deserve easy access to information so they can make their voices heard.

Get involved

We’ll be holding weekly phone banks across Massachusetts to call voters in key districts. Volunteers can inform voters about important legislation when it’s possible for them to weigh in and have their voices heard.

Direct voter contact puts real pressure on state reps to push the bill forward, make constituents aware of what their representative is doing, and helps us build a community of people who will ensure that progress is made.

Our team

Erika Uyterhoeven

Erika is co-founder and President for Act on Mass. She was a National Organizing Director for Bernie 2016 and was Head of Digital and Data of Momentum, supporting the 2017 UK snap election for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. Most recently, she consulted with Marshall Ganz on expanding public narrative and organizing workshop trainings in the US. Erika lives in Somerville.

Matt Miller

Matt is co-founder and Treasurer for Act on Mass. Prior to his work at Act on Mass, he has held positions as Field Director and Campaign manager on local electoral races (City Council & State Rep) in the Boston area. Matt is heavily involved in grassroots organizing on various issues especially housing & single-payer healthcare. Matt lives in Brighton.

Connie Lu

Connie is co-founder and Design Director for Act on Mass. She has volunteered for local, state, and national electoral and advocacy campaigns and community planning projects. She works as an environmental consultant and enjoys art and design. Connie lives in Somerville.

Sean McFarland

Sean is co-founder and Clerk for Act on Mass. He has been involved in a volunteer and organizer capacity with a variety of local, state, and national electoral and advocacy campaigns. Sean lives in Cambridge.