Act to Promote Racially Inclusive Curriculum in Schools - H.542 - S.288

  • Establishes a Commission to develop anti-racist and social justice-focused curriculum for Massachusetts schools

  • The Commission would also advise the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on how to increase, support, and retain educators and counselors of color

An Act To Promote Racially Inclusive Curriculum in Schools would ensure that instruction in K-12 education shall include the teaching of accurate histories, writings, and contributions of racial and ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented or marginalized. Additionally, the bill would establish a Trust Fund to support school districts with necessary resources to implement these standards.

What This Bill Would Do: In 2021, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provided guidance and recommended resources to reflect the importance of race, racism, and culturally inclusive teaching. This bill establishes academic standards in DESE’s curriculum frameworks that incorporate the study of histories and narratives of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups into instruction in all public schools. A separate trust fund will be established to provide grant-based support for school districts to implement such curriculum.

Why This Bill Matters: In a multicultural and multiethnic society, it is vital that students receive an education that includes accurate histories, stories, and perspectives of all people. Our currently divided democracy would benefit if future generations gain a comprehensive and accurate education that includes the teaching of writings, contributions, and cultural heritage of historically marginalized groups, as well as the study of policies and practices, and social and economic impacts on these groups and society. Students will learn to understand the experiences of others, see their own identities and experiences reflected, treat others with empathy and respect, and build stronger connections. Additionally, an accurate teaching of our nation’s history will bolster our state’s efforts to attract and retain educators from underrepresented backgrounds. Future generations will be more equipped with the skills and understanding needed to be productive in the workplace and to participate as residents in our culturally rich Commonwealth and as global citizens

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the decision makers

Joint Committee on Education

Who on committee has co-sponsored:

state senators:

Jason Lewisred x
Jason Lewis (D)


Sal DiDomenicogreen check
Sal DiDomenico (D)


Patricia Jehlengreen check
Patricia Jehlen (D)
Patrick O'Connorred x
Patrick O'Connor (R)
Robyn Kennedyred x
Robyn Kennedy (D)
Rebecca Rauschgreen check
Rebecca Rausch (D)

state representatives:

Denise Garlickred x
Denise Garlick (D)


Steven Ultrinogreen check
Steven Ultrino (D)


Vanna Howardgreen check
Vanna Howard (D)
Smitty Pignatellired x
Smitty Pignatelli (D)
Kate Donaghuered x
Kate Donaghue (D)
Andres Vargasred x
Andres Vargas (D)
Dan Senagreen check
Dan Sena (D)
Christopher Worrellred x
Christopher Worrell (D)
Joseph McGonaglered x
Joseph McGonagle (D)
Kimberly Fergusonred x
Kimberly Ferguson (R)
Kelly Peasered x
Kelly Pease (R)

Who has co-sponsored:

History of the bill


Feb 2024

Reporting date extended to March 15, 2024


Oct 2023

Hearing held by the Joint Committee on Education

Jan 2023

No further action taken by House Ways & Means

Feb 2023

Referred to the Joint Committee on Education


Mar 2022

Consolidated away with several other bills; Bill reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on House Ways and Means without any actual content of CARE included


Sep 2021

Hearing held by the Joint Committee on Education

Mar 2021

Referred to the House Committee on Education

Mar 2021

Bill filed


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