LGBTQ+ Rights

MA was the first state to recognize same-sex marriage, but only because of a court ruling. Our legislature is still moving too slowly on civil rights issues

MA has been slow to expand protections for LGBTQ+ people

Conversion Therapy

Massachusetts didn't pass a statewide ban on conversion therapy for minors until 2019, despite its proven harmful effects on LGBTQ+ youth, and a supermajority of legislators in support.

Sex Education

Comprehensive, gender-affirming sex education is still not available to all K-12 public school students in the Commonwealth

bills to support LGBTQ+ Rights

Healthy Youth Act

  • Ensures that a comprehensive sex education curriculum is taught in public schools

  • Mandates education about consent, healthy relationships, and gender affirmation in sexual education curricula

common questions:

Is sex education really a necessary part of a comprehensive public school education?

Yes. Learning about consent, about the reproductive system, and about contraception and healthy practices is a crucial part of development for young adults, and for LGBTQ+ teens it's essential that gender-affirming care and education begins in public schools. Comprehensive sex education based on science and research has shown to lower STD rates among young people, reduced risks of unwanted pregnancy, and reduced rates nonconsensual sex and sexual assault.

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