LGBTQ+ Rights

Our challenge

Even in blue Massachusetts, we are failing our LGBTQ youth

In Massachusetts…

  • Nearly half of young people who self-identify as LGB have contemplated suicide
  • LGB youth are 3-5x more likely than heterosexual youth to have severe symptoms of depression, including depression and suicide attempts
  • 13.4% of LGB youth did not attend school due to safety concerns and bullying
  • 2/3 of the LGBTQ victims of hate-based homicides were transgender [1]

Our choice

The Healthy Youth Act - Equip young people with LGBTQ-inclusive sex-ed

It requires sex-ed taught in public schools be:

  • grounded in fact and science
  • teach about consent and healthy relationships
  • and be LGBTQ affirming [2]

And it works! LGBTQ-inclusive curricula led to lower rates of bullying in California schools. [3]

91% of Massachusetts voters agree we should teach sex-ed [4] yet the bill has been killed by the House for 8 years despite the Senate overwhelmingly voting in favor of the bill.

Our power

What can you do?

Call your representative

Commit to calling your state rep, we will contact you when your voice is needed most.

Join our phone bank

Call voters who live in districts with state reps who still don't support this bill.

Knock on doors

Engage voters at the door step about this issue and many more.

Learn more

  1. Equality Massachusetts


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