Immigrant communities across the Commonwealth are at risk - and the Legislature hasn't taken action.

Massachusetts has failed to protect vulnerable immigrants.

Years of Inaction

For the last few years, we heard horror stories about families ripped apart1, toddlers dying of dehydration in ICE custody2, and the federal government setting up a Muslim registry3. Massachusetts could have acted during the Trump administration to stand up against federal abuse, but our state government dropped the ball.

Drivers Licenses

A far too common occurence over recent years has been families torn apart because an undocumented person was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. A drivers' license would allow these routine traffic stops to just be routine traffic stops, and contribute to road safety to boot. That's why many states including most recently Virginia, have passed laws allowing immigrants to get licenses regardless of immigration status. Not Massachusetts.

bills to support Immigration Reform

Safe Communities Act

  • Prevents local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE

  • Prohibits police from asking questions about immigration status

  • Protects people of color from racial profiling by police

Work & Family Mobility Act

  • Allows undocumented immigrants to receive drivers’ licenses, so everyone can get where they need to go without fear

  • Information collected about the applicant in applying for a license will not be disclosed to the public

  • The type of driver’s license an individual has will not be public information

common questions:

Will dangerous criminals be released without punishment because of SCA?

No. The Act merely provides some due process protections for all residents. Those who are deemed a threat to public safety will not be released, just like under current law. Law enforcement will still be able to work with ICE to make arrests and detain people, as long as a judge issues a warrant. The Act was carefully crafted to allow law enforcement to go after criminals, while still respecting the civil rights of everyone.

Will SCA cause an increase in crime?

Absolutely not! There are already plenty of sanctuary jurisdictions across the nation, and studies have found that sanctuary jurisdictions are actually safer than comparable non-sanctuary jurisdictions.

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