Our challenge

Healthcare is a problem for many

We are getting crushed by the rising cost of healthcare

MA ranks at 2nd most expensive state for health insurance [1]
Over 20% of MA residents have medical debt [2]
Medicare-for-all would save us over $21 billion annually [3]
33 yrs
The life expectancy of the poorest neighborhoods in Boston is 33 years shorter than the richest [4]

Coverage isn’t enough and yet we continue to pay more

The amount you pay to maintain coverage, your “premium”, is rapidly increasing [5]. Medical debt continues to increase [6]. The 2006 healthcare reform (“Romneycare”) didn’t put a dent in medical debt [7].

“Coverage” often isn’t good enough. Some plans don’t cover prescription drugs and necessary services. Co-pays and deductibles can be ruinous for many people.

We still don’t cover everyone with health insurance. 3% of the population isn’t covered by insurance at all [8].

Our choice

Bill: Medicare for All

Medicare for All would fix our problems. It would cover everyone in the state with real coverage and cost less than what we pay today. We would save $21 billion in money that goes to the for-profit insurance industry [9].

Medicare for All has been introduced in multiple legislative sessions over the past decade but hasn’t received an up or down vote. It’s been repeatedly killed by being “sent to study” [10].

Even a bill to study the cost savings of single payer healthcare cannot get passed by the House [11].

Our power

What can you do?

Call your representative

Commit to calling your state rep, we will contact you when your voice is needed most.

Join our phone bank

Call voters who live in districts with state reps who still don't support this bill.

Knock on doors

Engage voters at the door step about this issue and many more.

Common questions

Won’t Single-payer Healthcare cost too much?

No, in fact a Single-payer healthcare system will save up to $21 billion per year. Much of that cost savings come from reduced insurance company overhead. Instead of paying premiums, co-pays, and a litany of other confusing charges, you will pay a small tax – smaller than what you’re already paying for healthcare.

Learn more

  1. Mass Care: Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare

  2. Western Mass Medicare for All

  3. Healthcare-Now! (National Medicare for All)


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