Gender Equity

Massachusetts must do more to ensure healthcare access & gender equity

Although the legislature passed a watered down version of the ROE Act in 2020, there is still much work to do and we've identified a few key bills that are important for our legislature to pass.

Massachusetts has failed to enshrine basic equity into our laws

Abortion Access

There are still serious gaps in abortion access even in Massachusetts. We should be leading the country on this issue given threats at the Federal level

Childcare equity

Massachusetts doesn't allow parents running for office to pay for childcare expenses with campaign funds, shutting out many parents especially mothers from running for office.

Buying Silence

It's still all too common for companies to use non-disclosure agreements to force survivors of sexual violence into silence. We must end this practice

bills to support Gender & Reproductive Justice

Campaign Childcare

  • Allows candidates for office to pay for necessary child care expenses from campaign funds

  • Catches MA up to states like Texas, Alabama, and Wisconsin

End NDAs

  • Prevents NDAs from being used to silence victims of sexual harassment

  • Allows for shielding the complainant’s identity & private information, but only at the request of the complainant.

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