2022 State Representative Endorsements

It’s no easy task to find candidates who are down the line progressives, have shown they are dedicated to serving their communities, and are willing to fight the status quo at the State House. Another thing these candidates all have in common? They can win. They just need our help to do it. Use the links below to sign up to volunteer for these campaigns.

Raul Fernandez, 15th Norfolk

Headshot of Raul Fernandez with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Raul Fernandez - State Representative, 15th Norfolk"

I know what is possible when the government opens its doors and engages people in the process of creating policy to improve people’s lives. I did this in partnership with our community on the Brookline Select Board, and as State Rep I will bring that transparency to Beacon Hill.

Vivian Birchall, 14th Middlesex

Headshot of Vivian Birchall with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Vivian Birchall - State Representative, 14th Middlesex"

Now is the time for bold, decisive action to: protect women’s rights to healthcare, protect our society from gun violence and mitigate the damage we are struggling with due to the climate crisis. I pledge to serve our district and lead our state into a more transparent, just, equitable and unified future.

Jack Stanton, 4th Barnstable

Headshot of Jack Stanton with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Jack Stanton - State Representative, 4th Barnstable"

As one who cares deeply about our democratic institutions, I’m proud to receive Act on Mass’s endorsement which speaks to our campaign’s desire to have a state legislature filled with robust and open debate, not one where all of the major decisions affecting our Commonwealth are hashed out behind closed doors.

Heather May, 9th Middlesex

Headshot of Heather May with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Heather May - State Representative, 9th Middlesex"

I’ve been closely following the work of Act on Mass since 2018 when I first became concerned about our State House and its lack of transparency around the legislative process. Because of the passion and integrity that goes into everything Act on Mass does, I am extremely honored to have their endorsement in this race.

Sam Montaño, 15th Suffolk

Headshot of Sam Montaño with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Sam Montaño - State Representative, 15th Suffolk"

As a community organizer at heart, I know the importance of relationships, transparency, and communication for our movements. Our current legislative process keeps people out and unable to advocate for themselves. I look forward to pushing for more light and making space for people to join up and make change.

Nichole Mossalam, 35th Middlesex

Headshot of Nichole Mossalam with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Nichole Mossalam - State Representative, 35th Middlesex"

We need to provide constituents the tools to hold their Representatives accountable. Organizations like Act On Mass ensure that we are able to pursue those measures to turn our legislature into an open and accessible process, and I cannot wait to advocate with them in the State House.

Teresa English, 22nd Middlesex

Headshot of Teresa English with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Teresa English - State Representative, 22nd Middlesex"

As a Civics teacher, I know how important it is for our neighbors to be educated and engaged. I am proud to work with Act on Mass to ensure the fundamental tenets of our democracy, transparency and accountability, are finally enacted at our State House. Together we will continue working towards a healthy democracy and brighter tomorrow.

Timmy Sullivan, 21st Middlesex

Headshot of Timmy Sullivan with text: "Act on Mass proudly endorses Timmy Sullivan - State Representative, 21st Middlesex"

Act on Mass’ advocacy taught me so much about how the State House (doesn’t) work. In many ways, they are why I am running— to transform power in our Commonwealth by building up our grassroots democracy. I am so happy to have earned their support in our race and look forward to what we will accomplish together.

You can find all the endorsement questionnaires received by Act on Mass this campaign cycle here.

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